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Educational Services: Training and Development

The ELS Group provides expert services for higher education as well as public and private sector agencies and organizations in Leadership, Planning, Organizational Development and related areas. To support systematic and well-organized planning efforts, the firm provides external environmental scanning support using the latest state-of-the-art data-mining techniques. The firm’s main goal is to provide our client with high quality, customized services designed to meet the unique human resource development and planning needs of the organization. The professional relationship with our client is built on communication, respect, trust and efficient delivery systems.


The most unique feature of the ELS Group team is its high level of experience and congruency with the day-to-day operations of a variety of educational institutions both  public and private. The local, state and national reputations of team members, along with the many years of relevant leadership, planning and management experience, provides clients with the benefit of being able to receive suggestions and recommendations that are based on first-hand, demonstrated experience. Our consulting services include:


Leadership Development

  • Board of Trustee retreats and development workshops
  • Board and CEO relationship enhancement
  • Leadership and management training
  • Executive team building, coaching and mentoring
  • Professional development program design and planning


  • Strategic and Educational master planning
  • Accreditation compliance
  • Career and Technical Education as well as demand occupation planning and development
  • Perkins IV Compliance
  • Economic and workforce development
  • Foundation assessment, planning, development and fundraising
  • Internal and external environmental scanning
  • Assessment and refinement of Academic and Student Affairs programs and related services
  • Fiscal and gap analysis to measure an organizations investment of time, finances and human resources to achieve desired outcomes

Organizational Development

  • Business inclusion/diversity planning and development
  • Diversity/Inclusion training and awareness
  • Diversity/Inclusion strategic planning and development
  • Research and program development
  • Staffing Plan Development
  • Resource Development (e.g., grants) and program capacity building to help colleges be more competitive
  • Organizational structure assessment, planning and development
  • Organizational image development, strategic niche as well as diversity marketing
  • Creation and/or enhancement of alliances with community, education, business/industry and governmental entities and organizations

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