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ELS provides high quality and effective executive search processes and educational services to our clients. We manage and operate around a set of core values focused on Excellence, Truth, Honesty, Respect, Integrity, Commitment, and Efficient Delivery Systems. In that context, we utilize our connections and alliances with national and local community colleges, higher education organizations and associations to identify and recruit talent to address short term and long term needs of our clients.


Specifically, we retain relationships with various organizations that serve as important sources for quality leaders and potential candidates who are upwardly mobile. In like manner, we connect with these organizations to clearly define and enhance our ability to provide educational services to any of their members. The organizations include but are not limited to National Council on Black American Affairs, American Association of Asian and Pacific Islanders and Higher Education Association, The Latino Network, Association of California Community Colleges Administrators American Association of Community Colleges, American Council on Education and numerous discipline based and social organizations across the country.


ELS works for the employer that retains us. We report to the hiring or educational services agent or designee and work with his/her team in the development of processes and strategies aimed at selecting the right candidate for the advertised position. We do not advocate for specific candidates thus the decision for hiring a candidate resides with the Boards of Trustees or the hiring agent.

Employers requesting direct executive searches and/or educational services may contact us personally. We fully utilize all professional associations, electronic media, and other forms of communication to advertise positions. Our outreach and recruiting activities generally result in applications and résumés from many interested and diverse candidates.


ELS also offers investigative services that go beyond the traditional background check and include comprehensive, investigative activities. Among some of the services our clients can expect are: pre-employment screening, in depth background checks, verifications, and in-person on-site background evaluations.

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